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We believe that God created the earth and placed man in it as stated in the Bible. We believe the Bible is His word and it is to be read, studied, and accepted as His word with no additional works of men needed to alter it. We believe that man was created in the image of God and placed here to worship God and follow the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins. As followers of Christ, we believe that His word, the Bible, is the final authority in all things pertaining to religion. Our mission is to teach only the gospel as proclaimed in the scriptures and to follow those teachings. We believe there is "one body, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all..." Ephesians 4:4-6.

Letter from Elders on COVID-19


Jackson Street Brothers and Sisters,

From the Elders:


• The Louisiana State “Roadmap to Resilience” or “Phase 2” is set to begin this week. The Jackson Street elders and deacons have met, reviewed the anticipated limitations and discussed a plan to hold “in person” services on Sunday June 14th No Bible classes will be held.

• While the detailed restrictions for “Phase 2” have not been released yet, the restrictions will likely still inhibit any meetings at our facility greatly. We are making plans to use both of our buildings for coordinated worship, all together, at one time. We will continue to abide by local/state/federal regulations if at all possible.

• If you are ready to assemble again, alongside others from our congregation, don’t have any symptoms or have health issues that put you at risk, then we would be glad to see you June 14th . The elders want you to know that that you don’t need to feel obligated to be at the building just because “the doors are open”, until you feel totally at ease being there.

• If you have a pre-existing health conditions that put you at risk or are showing symptoms, stay home for your own safety.

We all will understand if anyone is uncomfortable being around a group of people. No one wants to be part of spreading the virus and causing any one harm.

While the elders feel that it is best for our congregation to fellowship and worship together as much as possible. We will continue to post video of Sunday and Wednesday lessons and announcements to the following:

Current bulletins will be available on
 Communion supplies can be obtained in the church office. Please call AmyLablanc at 318-323-2666 for availability.

• We will continue to use Email and Facebook and other social media platforms to keep you abreast of developments relating to Jackson Street Church of Christ.

• Please continue to pray to God to keep us safe and help those impacted by this virus to recover quickly.

• We encourage you to use this opportunity to let your light shine for the many lost around us and support your brothers and sisters in Christ.
 A church directory is available on our website. A quick encouraging call to other church members is always appreciated.

The Elders

Ricky Hudnall – 318-450-9745
Arden Miller – 318-537-0658
Leonard Rhodes – 318-680-6569
Terry Ware – 318-537-2334

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